Raw Material Inspection


Finest quality of CRNGO steel and semi processed steel is sourced from global firms of repute. To ensure quality of the purchased wide coils, Pearl sample tests every coil for its magnetic & mechanical properties or uses test results from certified suppliers. Coils are tested for watt loss with the help of Epstein Square Tester. The lab engineers at Pearl analyze each and every input and maintain the records for traceability of every coil.



Pearl is equipped with the latest slitting line. Slit steel is processed with minimum burr & camber because of the high speed slitters.


Notching Operations


Notching is dedicated to the special production requirements of larger diameter laminations. Notching machines of both domestic and overseas make can accommodate finished stators with diameter up to 1200 mm. The notching presses have much lower tooling costs and are specially designed for low volume runs.

Gang Slotting


Pearl has a considerable range of mechanical presses from 20T to 350T. Especially for this segment of tools, the laminations are manufactured in three separate operations – Blanking, Stator Slot Punching & Rotor Slot Punching. Pearl uses these types of tools for low volume & mid-sized laminations.


Progressive Stamping


At Pearl, we have always made it our mission to get hold of the latest proven technology. Thereby, investing in high volume, high speed progressive stamping presses to meet the special needs of our customers. We have presses from 20T to 350T that can produce laminations up to 450 strokes per minute.

Progressive motor lamination stamping is dedicated to the special production requirements of small to medium size diameter laminations up to 300 mm. We utilize the latest equipment & processes to produce motor & generator laminations with value added assembly operations for automotive motors, fractional & industrial motors, specialty motors & electrical generator industries.



Complete flexibility is offered for cleating/auto stacking/welding of stators as required per application. Pearl couples its knowledge of electrical steel with a long history of welding to create assembled cores of highest standards.

Pearl’s welding operators go through intense training. They are taught welding concepts both manual welding techniques & semi automated machine assisted welding. Pearl is skilled at welding silicon & cold rolled steel (coated/uncoated).




Annealing enhances the permeability and lowers down the principal losses and apparent power. This innovative facility has been designed and developed keeping in view the special requirements of our customers. Pearl provides magnetic heat treatment of standard quality or annealing as per the order placed by the customers. The magnetic quality of steel has significant effect on performance of the motor. The process also increases inter-laminar resistance by adding an oxide coating & relieves stamping stress.



Pearl manufactures die cast rotors to a variety of customer specifications. Capabilities include shaft installation & broaching. A vertical broaching machine is also available to finish shaft bore diameters to desired tolerances. This provides a completed sub-assembly that only needs balancing at the customers end.

Pearl can die cast rotors sizes from 55 mm to 420 mm OD & up to 575 mm core length with shot weight of Aluminium up to 45 kg. Close monitoring of our furnaces ensures high quality molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity & tight control of porosity.


Quality Inspection


Pearl Engineering Co. becomes your reliable technological partner as it puts itself in your shoes and hence, serves you- our premium customer the exact product you want with outstanding quality. From raw materials to finished products, close quality control is maintained with full traceability of electrical steel from the mother coil through to the finished product. With a track record of low PPMs, Pearl utilizes online statistical process control software to constantly track data so that parts are within the controllable limits. Dies are designed to include error proofing features, which help to detect and eliminate erroneously formed parts. Stern non-believers in idle wastage of valuable resources- time, money and raw materials, Pearl Engineering an ISO 9000:2001 certified company, is resolutely involved in achieving the optimum use of the plant’s capacity, hence, delivering guaranteed results.

Packaging and Dispatch


Pearl Engineering Co. exercises its own (standardized) packing system to offer practical customized solutions. And these standards involve:

  • Use of wooden pallet boxes, corrugated box wrapped with PVC covering. Laminations are either stretch wrapped or vci covered and again put in thick PVC sheets. Furthermore, they get packed and strapped again in pallet or wooden boxes and are made container ready.
  • To ensure speedy delivery of our products, both domestic and overseas, we have partnered with established logistics companies who guarantee delivery on time. Special packing and delivery system is also available for urgent requirements of the customer.

Our Tool Room Services


Tools are the backbone of the laminations Industry. Our tool room is equipped with latest state of art machinery including EDM wire cut machines, Jig Boring and Jig Grinding machines. Pearl has a skilled team of tool design & maintenance personnel who stringently meet the design parameters of its customers. At Pearl, we have a large range of dies for a wide variety of uses that can only be achieved through experience & craftsmanship. Professional help from freelance tool makers/designers is also sought for challenging assignments.

CNC Wire Cut

Vertical Machining Center